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What Is A Headband Wig And How To Wear It?

Nobody can deny the popularity of headband wig in 2021.Since the outbreak of the COVID-19,.China hair factory had to cost much more to get lace materials from North Korea. So the price of lace wig has continued to rise. If the COVID-19 is not controlled, it is very likely that black women will spend 1.5 times to twice the price to buy human hair lace front wig. But don’t worry,Chinese genius wigs manufacturer thought of an excellent alternative for lace wigs--Headband wig.


Headband wig is a wig that comes with headband attached in front together with hair weft. Headband wigs are prefect choice to protect your natural hair. As we all know, using hair spray for a long time will destroy our hair follicles which may cause our own hair shedding and hairline shifted back. Headband wig is also called none lace human hair wigs.reshine hair headband wig is made by 100% human hair and good quality headband.every headband wig has two combs at side to make sure fixed on your head well.

headband wig human hair wigs

Why are headband wigs the right choice?

  1. Price

Headband wig cost much less comparedwith lace wig. In same length, lace wigs price are 1.2 times of headband wigs.headband wig is the best choice for those who are not economically independent and those who don’t have enough money.you can get a very good human hair wigs within a limited budget.

  1. Protcet your own hair

You don’t need to use glue when installing a headband wig. Just put the headband wig on a suitable location thus all your own hair can breath easily.so wearing a headband wig could protect your edges well.

  1. Save time

Imagine that you need to spendabout an hour sitting down to wear a lace front wig,then one or more hours to make up yourself.time passing by. While you can just thrown on a headband wig and go,it saves your time a lot.also for beginner, you don’t have to go to a hair salon to wear your headband wig.

  1. More choice

Reshine hair proveides different kinds of hair styles in headband wig like straight hair, body wave hair, deep wave hair,kinky curly hair,water wave hair.All headband wig are 4 colors available. You can chose the one you like.

  1. Change style easily

People usually wear a headband together with headband wigs.it is easily to remove the headband and wear a new one.flowers, leopard print, solid color and ect.you can choose the headband style according your make up and your feeling.

Curly Hair headband wigs

How to wear headband wig?

  1. Braid your own hair into cornrows.
  2. Brush your own baby hair out
  3. Put your headband on and adjust it
  4. Wear a headband for extra styling

See how easy to wear a headband wig.

beginner friendly headband wigs for black women

Are headband wigs bad for your hair?

The answer absolutely is no. Headband is good for our own hair. The scarf on headband wig is made by breathable material. It is very light on your head.also your hairline can breath comfortably without glue.especially when you exercise, headband wig provide you a good feeling.

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