As we all know human hair wigs or hair bundles help these people who had a hair trouble like shedding or who want longer and fuller hair.Water wave curly hair is the hair style which can make hair fuller easily. Reshine hair wig store is the famous wholesale hair vendors who provide all kinds of human hair wigs and hair bundles. Let’s check the things about water wave hair in this blog

What is water wave hair

From the name we can know water wave hair is a hair style which like the wave shape of water. It is on kind of curly hair. The curls of water wave hair are in opposite direction which is the the most obvious feature. This feature make it fuller than other hair styles in same density. Reshine hair provide hair bundles, human hair wigs,lace frontal and lace closure in water wave hair style.

How to tell water wave hair and deep wave hair

Deep wave hair is close to water wave hair style,but we can still tell them from the curls direction.deep wave hair curls are facing the same directions. You can easily see tight and neat curly on deep wave hair. While water wave hair curls are in opposite direction so it forge a seemingly large volume. No matter water wave hair or deep wave hair, reshine hair have the same top quality at affordable price..

How to keep water wave hair looking wet

Things you need to keep water wave hair looking wet:Hair gel,hair spray,mousse.first spry all your hair to wet. Make sure all hair is wet and even. Then apply right amount of mousse. If you use too much mousse it make your hair hard. You can use hair gel according your hair statue.

How to maintain water wave hair

Every girl like a long-life hair is very important to take care of your water wave hair. Like we always said, taking care of a wig is more important than buying a new wig.reshine hair recommend you to care of your wig like below

  1. Wash your water wave hair once at least with your finger in a week
  2. Use a conditioner to keep the hair bouncy
  3. Air dry the hair instead of blow dry your water wave hair
  4. Store your water wave hair by using a wig head, silk scarf, or original wig box designed to keep the not leave it carelessly.

What’s the most popular water wave hair in reshine hair?

Transparent lace water wave wigs mongolian curly hair

Water wave hair hd lace wigs 10-30 inches

Malaysian water wave hair bundles

Water wave headband wig easy for beginner

ombre color water wave wig

Reshine hair committed to creating a first-class wig brand to help you solve hair problems. If you have any need on wigs and bundles ,feel free to contact with us.

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