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Why Your Hair Length Is Different From Youtuber's

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Many girls have had the experience of buying wigs with reference to the videos of youtuber. But after receiving the wigs, some girls will be very unhappy. Because they feel that the hair they receive is not at all the same as the youtuber. We do not deny that some merchants are shoddy, but most of the sellers are still very honest. The reason why it feels different from the youtuber’s wigs is that the hair we see has been processed by the youtuber with experience. With the addition of lights and filters, you feel as if the hair you received and youtuber is not the same.One of the most intuitive illusion is about hair length which also is one of the most frequent complaints we receive from customers. Why this happen? Let’s talk in this article.

1.Height Difference
Most celebrities have a great body. But every person’s anatomy is different. Different height, different Installation effect. That’s why we say Wearing effect varies from person to person.
2.Hair Style
When you get a straight hair and curly hair in same lenght, you can easily find that the curly hair seems shorter than the straight one. Even when you stretch the curly hair ,it can’t reach the same ends as straight hair.Becasure all curly hair are made from straight hair. All hair length we are talking is the hair material length.After high temperature setting, the curvature cannot be completely straightened. The tigher the curl is the shorter the hair looks.This explains why curly hair is shorter than straight hair.

3. Hair measurement
Most of us don't have a big disagreement on how to measure hair bundles.Just measure it from the weft to the ends you can get a correct hair bundles length.
For closure length, some people measure it from the lace top, some people measure it from the lace ends which make a big difference. Our suggestion is that pull a piece of hair from the lace closure and measure from the roots to the end.
But there is still a lot of controversy over the way to measure wig. As there are many section on a wig, people measure different section will get different length. Customers alwwasy measure the wigs in different method. In industry Standard,Wigs are commonly measured from the spin to the ends. For curly hair wigs, the hair should be stretched to straight and measure from spin to bottom.

The fastest way to get the hair length is Using a soft measuring tape to measure your wig with the hair stretched out. So don’t complain you get wrong hair length before you measure it. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth.

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