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What To Look For When Buying A Wig?

Hair loss continues to be one of the most common problems in women today.  They are finding a permanent solution for their hair loss problems by wearing lace wigs, human hair wigs, and other natural ways without getting any side effects. With poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle, people tend to lose their hair at a young age. But these include many things to take care of, such as if you wash your hair, you should prefer using a head towel turban made of super soft microfiber fabric. Its high water absorbency can dry your wet hair effectively and more naturally.
However, A wig is a great way to transform your look and add volume and length to your hair. Wearing wigs not only covers the bald head but also adds beauty and style. Loose wave is a type of human hair that can blend with your natural hair and gives you a stunning look instantly.
When buying a loose wave wig, there are some essential things you should look for:

The Type of Knots

Most units will come with Single knots or Double knots. These knots determine how thick the wefts will be and how much shedding you'll experience throughout the unit's life. Units with single knots tend to be less expensive than double knots, but they also shed more over time. The extra knotting in double knot wigs helps reduce shedding while creating a fuller design that can last longer than other units made from synthetic fibers such as Russian Wave, Chinese Wave, Mongolian Kinky Curly, etc.

knots of wig

Hair Texture

You can find wigs made from different textures of hair that are ready-to-wear, including silk straight, wet & wavy, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, kinky curly. The type you should look for will depend on the current state of your natural hair and how it would react, changing its texture to match someone else's or something new.

Comfortable Designs

A comfortable design means that the cap feels lightweight on your head with no pressure points around the crown area of the wig cap, where many people experience discomfort with lace fronts. The combs inside the cap keep the unit securely in place, while adjustable straps at either side of the wig provide a better grip to hold the unit securely in place. 

wig cap


A loose wave unit made from synthetic hair is elementary to maintain and requires little time to keep it looking its best throughout its lifetime. This type of hair can be re-used up to 3 times, and it comes with a convenient mesh bag for storage after use and protection between usages!  


Performance means that your unit can resist heat, will withstand wind on brisk days, give you great volume without being too bulky on your head or your neck when worn down, will retain style even under humid conditions, won't tangle easily while allowing you to comb through knots easily if they do occur during application or wear.

Color Selection

With the countless colors available, you'll be able to find a shade that matches your current hair color for perfect blending or a new color that brightens up your look and lets you express yourself in style! The best approach is to try on wigs in-store with your natural hair to match the shade of your wig to the tone of your hair instead of trying to match colors by looking at pictures online because light can play tricks on colors when viewed on monitors. However, if you are online shopping, make sure the return policy is easy enough to pay for return shipping costs back to them just in case you changed your mind about the wig, or it's not suitable for some reason after trying it on.


It is an important factor to consider when shopping for a wig, so always shop around and compare prices from different shops before buying your unit. Do not let anyone rush you into purchasing. The price could be an indicator of poor quality, or it might have been worn by someone else and doesn't come with a warranty, leaving you high & dry.


One factor that gives away if your loose wave wig is natural or not is its length. For natural hair, it should be enough for anyone's cheeks and chin. Please do not go for a too-long wig because it might look unnatural.


One should see your scalp through thin hair, so it is essential to get thick hair if you do not want people to notice the wig immediately. Thick human hair will give volume and a natural appearance.


If you pick a looser curl, then this might cause your head to look larger than usual, while tighter curls can make your face look slimmer. The trick here is to find the middle ground between tight and loose wave wigs.

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