The Most Popular Hair Style In 2021-- Water Wave Wig

The Most Popular Hair Style In 2021-- Water Wave Wig

in this artial we talk about water wave wig. what's water wave wig.the difference between water wave hair and deep wave to maintain water wave lace wigs.
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Wearing human hair wigs is a very common trend among black girls.80% of America American Girls have their first wig before the age of 25. And 40% of women have been used to wearing wigs since they were 16 years old. Whether you buy human hair wigs at hair store near me or an online wig shop, a hair style and hair color that suits you will add to your beauty and make you the brightest star in the crowd. Now let me tell you the most popular hair style in 2021

Which curly hair is most popular hair in 2021?

The most common curly wigs for black women hairstyles on the market are kinky curly hair, water wave hair, deep wave hair, loose deep wave hair.Kinky Curly and deep wave hair is tighter curly hair. Loose deep wave hair is loose weave hair. water wave wig is not so much big or small. With this advantage, water wave hair became the most popular hairstyle in 2021. Especially the colored hair water wave lace wig with shadow root.

ombre hair water wave hair lace wigs

What is a water wave wig?

Water wave wig is  a wig in water wave texture. Water wave wig includes lace front wigs, headband wig,ombre hair water wave.In the production process, workers use curling roller to wind the hair in the opposite direction, and then shape it. Water wave hair wigs human hair curling roller are thicker than kinky curly roller, but smaller than loose wave roller.

water wave wig human hair wigs

How do you maintain water wave wigs?

Normally maintaining a water wave wigs is same as caring curly hair. Wash your curly hair human hair wigs once or twice a week with deep conditioner. Apply organic oil on hair everyday to keep curly hair lace front wigs bouncy.

What is the difference between water wave and deep wave?

direction is the easiest way to distinguish between deep wave hair and water wave hair. Most water wave hair and deep wave hair are made by same thick hair roller. But Water wave hair curl are twisted in different direction. Deep wave hair curl are in same direction. Here is a photo telling the difference between water wave hair and deep wave hair.

difference between deep wave and water wave

Can you straighten a water wave wig?

Of course yes. All real hair wigs are made from straight hair. You can straighten a water wave wig with Hair Straightener. When you straighten your water wave human hair wig , make sure the Straightener temperature less than 150℃ . you can use a heat protector to protect your hair. After you straighten your water wave wig, don’t forget to apply hair oil to avoid Dry and knotted. Don’t straighten water wave wig too many times in a short time.

Which water wave hair do you like? Water wave hair bundles, or water wave hair human hair wigs? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment.

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