What’s skunk stripe wigs

skunk stripe hair is a term used to describe a wig style of bleaching and dying hair so that it looks as if two different colors have been applied to one's head of hair. In reality, only one bottle of dye needs to be purchased to achieve this look. But it usually takes an experienced stylist to correctlyapply the product evenly across all areas of the head. So we suggest you to order a skunk wig directly to get this fashion looking.

The skunk stripe look is achieved by bleaching the hair at the base of human hair wigs, usually to alight blonde color, and then dying the tips of the wig to a darker color.you can use any color you like for the tips, but skunk patch hair,pink skunk stripe is a popular choice.

How to dye skunk stripe hair

First you need to bleach two-three pieces natural black hair to honey blonde color which could take color easily. Then you need one bottle of dye. Dye the color you want to the honey blonde hair. Wait for 20 minutes. After washing the hair, you will get a skunk stripe wig. You can design the color to any one you want.

What’s the most popular skunk stripe color

Skunk stripe wigs go to fashion from this winter.it is easily bring people back to 90s hair styles. Skunk stripe hair bring an eyes-catching hairstyle during boring black hair color. But it doesn’t make you like a drama person.

Skun stripe wigs recommend

Reshine hair focus on catching fashion and demands of beauty trend. We provided many color possibilities.also we got a lot of good feedbacks from our customers.

Top 1 skunk stripe hair recommend

Honey blonde color skunk stripe wig

You can dye the skunk stripe hair to any color you want

 Green color skunk stripe hair

This is a color super hot on tiktok. @tati with green skunk stripe hair got 900k views on tiktok

Pink color skunk stripe hair

Pink color get a lot of likes on instagram.gentle and charming hair color

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