Why Mongolian hair is best for curly hair

In all hair factories, Mongolian hair is undoubtedly considered to be the most suitable for curly hair among all the hair materials. On the Mongolian plateau, there is a wild vegetation called "Nettle". The Mongolians would pick this plant and mash the roots and leaves of the nettle to wash their hair. Studies have shown that nettle can inhibit the production of the hormone DHT by inhibiting the activity of 5α reductase, and DHT is the main cause of androgen-induced alopecia (AGA). So Mongolian hair could last longer time for curly style.

Why should we take care of Mongolian curly hair

As we all know, the human scalp secretes special oils to keep hair shiny. After cutting down from donor, hair will be dry as it will lost this kind of special oils. Although wig sellers reduce the loss of hair as much as possible in the process of making wigs,but inevitably the cut hair won’t have a steady flow of nutrients like it does on the human scalp.as time goes by, the hair will gradually become dry, knotted, hair loss, and even broken.at this moment, nursing is extremely important on extending hair life.

How can i take care of my Mongolian curly hair in a sample way

If you a lazy girl, my suggestion is buying hair oil and apply it everyday.

If you a girl have time pls check the tips below:

Don’t wash your hair everyday.

Some seller may tell you to wash the hair everyday,but listen to me baby, don’t do that. Washing your hair every day will accelerate the loss of the original nutrients. This is not friendly to the life of the hair. So we suggest you to wash the hair two time a week. But you need to wash it in a correct way.

Use warm water to wash your wigs warm water can help the hair scales open better and cleanse deeply.

Use some conditioner before shampoo. The first conditioner could help you to open knots on hair,then wash the hair with shampoo to remove dirty stuff from your wig. Then apply the second conditioner to make the hair shine and soft.

 After washing the your Mongolian hair, air dry it. When it is almost dry, apply some hair oil to keep the bouncy.

Some small tips may be helpful

  1. Don’t wash your wigs in a kitchen sink.use a special basin for washing hair.
  2. Package the hair in a box with small hole when you storage the wig in a period.
  3. Remove your wig when you sleep.
  4. Hang the hair when air dry it.

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