How to make your wigs life longer?

How to make your wigs life longer?

Reshine human hair wigs could last a long time, but if you want a longer life you ust take care of the wig just like your hair.

According to our survey of our customers, a human hair wigs is an investment that the wearer hopes to be able to use for along time. you bought a wig, and it's flawless, the bounce, the sheen, the color! Then bam, after a few wears you begin worrying about the longevity of it right? We've all seen it, wigs looking dry and tired. So,many customers are wondering what to do to make the lace wigs last longer, No Worries,i am here to give you some tips to have your wigs lasting longer than they ever have.

Tips #1: Don’t Wear The Same Wig Everyday

Like everything else, wigs have a life and a deadline.If you wear your Lace Front wigs every day, a human hair wig will wear out in a year. Over time the color fades, the threads start to tear, and the overall appearance tends to diminish. If you are a wig wearer on a daily basis, consider purchasing and rotating various wigs.

Tips #2:Style Your Human Hair Wig Correctly

Remember, your human hair wigs won’t last as long as you can imagine if you style your hair with heat every day. Although the wig is made of real hair , it won’t get the oils from your scalp that your own hair would have.

It is suggested that when styling your human hair wig, you use heat sparingly. Use low heat to blow dry, straighten and curl and keep away from the roots, making sure you use lots of heat styling products and products for human hair care.

If you want your human hair wig to last as long as possible, heat-free styling is fantastic. This is not always practical and will not offer you the style you want.

Tips #3:The right way to wash wigs

1. Since wigs don't have the natural oils the less you wash your wig the better!

But don't wear it too long without washing it otherwise it will start looking, stiff, dry and dingy. But just in case you do have some wigs that have gone too long without a wash, so you should wash your wigs about every 3-4 days.

2. Use your hot air blow dryer to help dry your wig very carefully. Many wigs are able to be heat styled, But some of them aren't and you can end up ruining the style of your wig.

It's a much safer bet to let your wig air dry.

3. You shouldn't shower with your wig on. Although it may seem like a way to save time in the morning the heat from the shower could easily damage the bonds of the hair to the wig cap. Which shortens the life of the wig due to shedding.

4. Carve out time to wash your wig. It takes time, so make sure that when it's time to wash your wig you figure out a time to do it.

5. Do not neglect your natural hair. Taking a day or two off will help to save wear and tear on your wig but also provide your scalp and natural hair with a bit of air to rejuvenate itself.

Tips #4: Store Your Human Hair Wig

Don’t be lazy. Care for your human hair wig is not just about styling, shampooing, and conditioning, but also about how you store it away if you don’t wear it.

Store your wig away from any form of heat is always best. Also, be sure to store your wig in dry conditions. Please do not store your wigs in humid circumstances such as a bathroom,that will only shorten your wig’s life.

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