Can I Swim With My Human Hair Wigs?

Can i swim with my human hair wigs? How can i take care of the wig after swimming. Will the pool water or sea water ruin my hair? These are the questions we are often asked recently.To be honest swimming is the most basic respect for summer. No summer is complete without a splash in the pool or a visit to the beach. To girls who wear a wig,these questions should be considered before going to the pool or bleach.Now let’s see the questions.

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Can i swim with a lace front wig

Normally we don’t suggest buyer to swim with a lace front wig. Firstly the wig will fall down easily in the water if you didn’t fix it well. Secondly ,disinfectant and other harsh substance in water will leave your hair dull, brittle, and lifeless


If I want to swim with my wig, what can i do

Ok if you still decide to wear your wig with all things considered,let ‘s go for the next part

1.check your glue before swimming.

Test your glue in your bathtub or in a pool or take a longer time shower to figure out whether the glue you use is waterproof or not. To avoid your wig fall down in the water. A silicone wig band will help you a lot on avoiding fall down

2.chose a better swim cap

Depending on the type of water activity you engage in, accessories like hats, headbands, head scarfs or turbans will also do the trick. Just be careful when removing your cap or any other hair product so that you don’t pull off your wig with it.  

How to take care of human hair wigs after swimming

As we have mentioned earlier, overexposure to chlorine and salt will damage both synthetic hair and human hair pls wash your wig in the first time you leave water. Wash your wig with conditioner in the first instead of the shampoo.conditioner will make your hair soft and silky, to avoid shedding in the next steps. Then wash the hair with shampoo to remove dirty thing on the hair. Wash your wig with conditioner again after shampoo to protect your hair. Air dry the hair after washing. When the hair is almost dry , apply organic oil to shine your wigs.

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