How To Choose The Best Wig for Beginners

Are you thinking buying the first wig in your life? as a beginner, Best price and easier to install is somthing we must to consider during purchase. There are so many wigs types on the market, how can we find the best wig for beginner, let’s talk in this artical.

Things we need to consider.

1.occasion for the wig

Are you looking for a wig for everyday life or same special event? Then you can looking for a suitable human hair wigs for these occasion.You don’t want to be too over-the-top for a casual get-together, and you don’t want to look too plain for a more formal event.The colors of your dress and hairstyle definitely affect which wig will look best on you.

2.The hair price

Starting with cheap wigs is sensible.Lace front wigs or full lace wigs need skills to install and cost a lot of money. Don’t start with expensive and trendy wigs is good choice. Your heart won’t blood when you want to throw the wig to trash can.

3.Hair style

Relative to curly hair, straight hair or body wave hair is much easiler to care. The smaller the curls are, the easier the hair tangle together. For beginners, bigger curl wigs which don’t takes too much time to take care is good choice.

Some wigs recommends to beginners.

We want to recommend beginners some cheap and easy-install wigs.

1.Headband wigs

What's headband wigs?

Headband wig is none lace wigs that made with headbands attached. Different from lace front wig, headband wig is more easier to wear. Headband wigs protect baby hair and hairline very well.

Headband wig advantage.

Headband wig is much cheaper than lace front wig. Headband wigs are the best choice for beginners, don't need to much experience just throw the wig on. There are many options for headband wig human hair like curly hair headband wigs, straight hair headband wig. You can easy to change your hair styles.

How to install a headband wig?

Step 1. Brush your own hair,wear a wig cap.

Step 2. Wear and clip the wig

Step 3. Brush out baby hair if you like

Step 4. Wear a headband and do styles

Headband wigs recommend

Reshine hair water wave headband wig. Shop from this link get free headbands.


2. 3D Wear&go wigs

3D wigs advantage

Reshine hair 3D wear go wigs takes less than 30s to install. 3D wigs lace edage had been cut by special scissor, which keep the edge stronger. Wear go wig use dome cap to make the wig cap, which could fit any heads well.Also dome cap is securer and more adjustable than regular wig caps.

Wear go wigs is new products on the market,but it is a very good choice for beginners. It is hard to fall down, and easy to install.

How to install 3D wear go wigs?

Step 1. Braid your own wig

Step 2. Put 3d wigs on your head and adjust the position.

3D wigs for beginners

Reshine hair straight hair 3d wear&go wig.

3.V part wigs

What is V part wig?

V part wig is also called thin part wig or v shape wig. A V part wig is a modified half wig with a v-shaped opening on the top. You can Blend your own natural hair with the wig to make natural hairline. Easy to install for beginer. Reshine hair v part wigs don't have any leave out.

How to install a Vpart wig?

Step 1. Braid your own wig

Step 2. Throw v part wig on your head and fix clips

Step 3. Use a little of your own hair in the middle together with v part wig

Vpart wigs recommend

Deep wave curly hair V part wigs

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