Are you still spending hours wearing a lace front wig? Are you still troubled by glue allergies? Are you still worried about glue damage to the hairline? All this will be in the past tense! Reshine hair’s new product-3d Glueless wear go wig perfectly solved these problem. You don’t need to spend hours to install the lace wig. No gule needed, say goodbye to allergies and skin damage.

What’s Wear Go Wig?

Just like the name,wear go wig is super easy to install,throw the hair on your head, you can go outside. There is elastic band at back. It is secured enough. the wig won’t fall down even you shake your head heavily. Different from regular lace wig cap, 3D Wear go wig use dome cap which can has good ductility and can wrap the entire head well according to the size of the head. Good breathability makes it not feel stuffy even in hot weather. Reshine hair use hd lace in the middle of the wig which can match all skin color well. Lace edge had been cut by special ,which keep the lace edge stronger.

What’s the difference between Glueless Wear Go Wig and regular lace wig?

  1. Lace color

Glueless wear go wig use high quality swiss hd lace, which can match most skink color perfectly and creates a more invisible hairline. While regular lace wigs use transparent lace or brown lace which is thicker.

  1. Lace edge

The lace edge of wear go wigs had been cut down by special hot scissors. Buyer don’t need to cut the lace any more. Lace front wigs have 2-4 cm edge,buyers need to cut the lace edge themselve which may casue the hair sheding. Also buyer need to fix the lace on head with glue. Some people may be allergic to glue.

  1. Cap type

Wear go wigs has 3d dome cap which has good ductility. It is more comfortable and breathable. Regular lace wig cap has poor ductility than dome cap. If you have a bigger head or smaller haed, you need to customsize the wig cap.

  1. Clips

There are no clips inside wear go wigs. The elasic band inside makes wear go wigs secured enough. Lace frontal wigs normally have 4-6 clips in side to fix the wig on head.

  1. Wearing method

Buyers take a long time to unstall a lace wig, including a lot of process like cuting lace, making baby hair, apply gule and so on.But it only takes less than 1 minute to install wear go wigs and no glue needed.

Who needs this HD Lace Glueless Wear Go Wig?

  1. Those who need a wig in a hurry.

If you need to install the wig in a hurry,wear go wigs could solve the problem in 3s.

  1. Beginners

There is no skill needed to install wear go wigs.

  1. Those who are allergic to glue.

No Glue need,so no worry about glue allergies.

  1. People who want hair sleep at night.

You can put on and remove the wig any time. Give your head a breath at night or when you are alone.

How to install it ?

It is super easy to install wear go wigs. Just pull the elastic band back and put it on you head. Adjust the edge line. That’s done. Less than 1 minute to install.

Reshine hair provide 3d wear go glueless wig in different hair styles like straight, body wave, water wave, kinky curly hair. Ifyou need this 3d glueless wear go wig, jsut come to our home page and check it.

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