How To Make Human Hair Wigs Lasting Longer

How To Make Human Hair Wigs Lasting Longer?

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As we all know, human hair wigs lasts longer time than sysnthetich hair.that’s also the reason people would love to spend more money on human hair wigs. However,without proper care,human hair wigs may tangleand shedding. Your human hair wigs may turn out to be dog hair. So in this blog, we will share 5 tips to keep your wigs longer life,especially for curly hair.

Keep Your Wig Clean

Cleaning wig is essentia which is the foundation of healthy hair. We used to apply foundation and gule on the lace which is harm to the lace to make our wig natural. Foundation and gule are hard to clean. You can soak both hair and lace (yes, not only the hair need be washed,but also the lace part.)in warm water for 15 minutes then brush the lace with small toothbrush. If it still can’t be removed, you can apply a bit alcohol ro remove the foundation and gule. Human hair wigs can be used only after thoroughly cleaning.

clean wigs

Keep Deep Conditioner In Mind

Don’t be lazy girl. You will love deep conditioner when you touch the soft hair after conditioner.we do suggest buyer to wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner at least once a week. The deep conditoner is a good way to change the old wig to a new one.

deep conditioner your wigs

Organic Oil Is Friend Of Wigs

Natural oils such as coconut, argan, jojoba, almond, olive and grapeseed are the best oils for hair health and can be used directly on the hair. The time to apply oil on is important. We suggest to apply a bit oil when the hair is almot dry while still had a bit water and moisturize wig from the inside out. It helps tame flying and prevents them from tangling.

organic oil for hair

Silk Nightcap And Pillow

Normally we suggest buyer to remove wigs when sleeping. If you need to sleep with your curly hair wigs, we suggest you to twist your hair and wrap it to a silk nightcap. As static electricity is helper of tangling. You hair will become messy without the cap. You had to spend a long time on making it detangle in the morning.

use silk nightcap

Store Wigs Properly

Don’t just throw your wigs any where when you are not plan to wear it. Pls make sure the wig clean and store them in a bag or something. Don’t flod the hair in a roll and throw any where. Keep in mind to clean the wig carefully before storing it.

 store your wig porperly

We do hope every black girl using long-life human hair wigs.if you want a new curly hair wig or color hair wigs, come and vistie comment below to get suprise discount.

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