How to choose a wig that suits you?

How to choose a wig that suits you?

Things you should consider before purchasing

1.wig type

2.lace color length

4. hair color quality time

7.after sale service

Things you should consider before purchasing

1.wig type

do you want a lace wig or non lace wig 

for lace wigs including lace front wig lace closure wig 360 lace  wig full lace wig.

the bigger the lace size the more money it cost.the you can easily make a part design with lace wig

for nonlace wig the price will be cheaper . the most popular non lace wig is headband wigs now. it cost less and easy to install and remove. super friendlly for begiiner. then reshine hair provide u part wig and machine made wig with bang. which cost less and make  you more beautiful


2.lace color

for different skin color you should conside if the lace could match your skin well, here is an advice

reshine hair provide medium brown lace light brown and hd lace wigs

it could match your skin very well length

different hair length will provide a differnt looking .eg curly hair,if you order wig length around 10-16 inch ,it looks puffier than a wig lenght which around 24-30 inch.

if you want a order hair and a puffy looking you can chose a short length  which will bring you a puffy looking easily

4. hair color

reshine hair provide natural color hair  brown hair 99j color  blue pink ombre color hair,

yong lady like color hair to make  unique looking. natural color hair suite you on every occasion. quality

some bad hair seller will mix sysnthetic together with human hair which may cost less but a very short hair life. it tangle and sheds very easily.

reshine hair use 100% virgin human hair which may cost a bit much but it last a longer can use it for at least half a year with good care, also it can be dyed to a color as you like. time

Long-time waiting will make people lose patience when they shopping online, reshine hair provide fast shipment worldwide, it could reach any country around 4-7 working days,

7.after sale service

when you shopping from reshinehair , we provide 15 days easy return policy. you can return the hair back if you don't like it, all your money will be refunded,no worry about the after sale , all  your messges can be replied within 10 hours, fast reply customer service helps you solve problem during the shopping process.

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