Prom is a very important and memorable day for young boys and girls. On this day, boys and girls dress up. Everyone wants to be the brightest star in the crowd.people usually start preparing their dresses, hairstyles, makeup, wristbands very early. Young girls usually spend more time and effort grooming one will refuse an unforgettable prom memory. We know that you've got everything you need to go to the prom. But we still want to give you some advice on hairstyles.

  1. Keep your hair clean

No matter you are style with your own hair or wearing a human hair wig, keep the hair clean is the most important thing. Clean hair is easier to style and easier to make a good impression.

  1. Don’t use too much glue

Using glue help your hairstyle last longer time. Too much gule is harm to your hair and sclap.

  1. Wash your hair in time after prom

Your prom might be crazy, but remember to wash your hair after the prom. Otherwise when you wake up the next day you will find your hair knotted like a fluffy dog.

Some hairstyle recommed for black girl

If you want to rock your natural hair to prom, cornrows are a great way to go. They can be edgy and, they're easier to do than you think.

While for black girls, many hairstyles require wigs to ponytail looking,bang curly looking,fairy princess florals and so on.

Here let reshinehair recommend you some wigs to help you to achive your dream hairstyle

  1. Straight wigs

No matter which hair style you want,straight hair is a good choice. It can be restyle easily. Curly hair or wig hair are made from stright wigs. No matter you want bun style or silky style, straight hair could help you to make everything.

  1. Skunk stripe body wave hair

If you like shego, you never miss green skunk stripe hair which is the most popular hair color on tikotk or other social platform. If you want to design your own stripe color,chose blonde color skunk stripe wig just dye it to any color you want.

  1. Kinky curly wig

If you want to give someone the illusion that you are using your own hair, then kinky curly hair is the best choice. Just put it on, you can get a natural looking as your own.

  1. Short bob wigs

Cute,lovely girls, look at here. Bob wigs cheap and easy to install. You don’t need to cost too much to get a full and cute looking. Reshine hair graduation sale is on. Shop any 32-40 inches wig, you can get free bob wig. Call your best girl friend, shop together!


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