According to the popular survey report, from 2021, colored hair human hair wigs has become the most popular and rising trend among black girls. On tiktok, #mycoloredhair related broadcasts reached 4.78billons. In the traditional concept,colored hair make you unprofessional, but now, we have to say NO to this concept. Colored hair make you be your own. In this article, reshine hair will tell you things about colored hair.

What’s colored hair?

Normally we called any hair that’s not black hair as colored hair. Like burgundy color, blonde hair, highlights wig are the most popular hair color in recently years. Dark brown color or light brown color is classic colored hair. With the improvement of wig production technology and the richness of hair dyes,more and more colored hair appeared on the market. Girls have more choices on colored hair.

burgundy color human hair wigs for black women

How do i choose a prefect hair color?

Now the question is that which colored lace front wigs should i chose.A qualified hairdresser will recommend a suitable color based on the client's face shape, skin tone, and personal temperament. When you see hair color chart you can see there is a number under the color. The bigger the number the lighter the hair color is. Normally we recommend customer to chose the hair color according her skin color,your hair color should be darker than your skin color. If you are neutral, you can choose any hair color since both cool-toned and warm-toned shades will look great on you.

reshine hair colored hair wigs

What’s the most popular colored hair in 2021?

According to data from Google Search and Google Trends in the past twelve months,burgundy hair color is still the most popular colored hair in 2021,followed by honey blonde and ash blonde hair.

burgundy hair color is also called 99j hair color or wine red wig color. It is a bit darker than maroon hair color. Match most darker skin stone.

honey blonde and ash blonde hair are almost same.The most popular shades of blonde hair include, Honey blonde hair color,Buttery blonde hair color, Ash blonde hair color,balayage blonde,Platinum blonde hair color.

Can i color hair home?

For black girls, coloring a wig take a lot of time and energy.In the end, you may not be able to get a satisfactory color or you may ruin the wigs. So it is better to buy a dyed wig directly. But if you want a special color like rainbow , you can try it at home.

Difference between balayage hair ,ombre hair and highlights color?

It is undeniable that ombre hair and balayage colors are the latest and rising hair color trends. ombre hair wig is a vertical change of color from top to bottom.Common ombre hair color are 1b/99j, 1b/613, 1b/4/27, 1b/33.

what is balayage? balayage is a change of color from left to right. Highlights color wigs is more random in color change compared to balayage color wig. You can see the different in the below photo.


difference between balayage hair and ombre hair

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Here are some wigs you may like in colored hair

1. highlight color curly hair human hair wigs


colored hair kinky curly human hair wigs


2.burgundy hair color kinky curly hair wigs

burgundy color human hair wigs
3. short bob highlight straight hair human hair wigs
highlight short bob wigs
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