Can Coronavirus Live In Hair?Absolutely NO!

Can Coronavirus Live In Hair?Absolutely NO!

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Can Coronavirus Live In Hair? absolutely NO!

Now we all know that when we back from outsidewe should wash hands with soap and water for a full 20 seconds multiple times a day as the Coronavirus spreads around the world .but should we wash our hair with the same frequency?

Generally speaking, viruses don't thrive on porous surfaces like hair.Theoretically, the virus could be passed from the hands to the hair, but if you're not running your fingers through it, then there's less of a risk."Dr. King recommends styling it up and out of your face if you're grocery shopping during the pandemic.

so pls don't worry about the Coronavirus will live in hair, the most important thing is to stay at home.wash hands ,Don't go to crowded places.

If you feel bored at home, you may wish to change a few styles for yourself

here is some recommend hair style for you 

1. short bob cut human hair wig in water wave

2. Longer water wave hair style

3. short bob cut hair

4..longer straight hair 

which hai style do you like ?

pls feel free to comment below

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